A Powerful Partner for Your Business in Designing Kitchens with SketchUp

SketchUp is a design and drafting software that has an established popularity and relevance as a design tool for the interior design industry worldwide. Adriana Granados, a professional designer, interior design and architecture educator and a software trainer, has translated her mastery of SketchUp into four comprehensive, user-friendly manuals that are available for purchase on Amazon. 

Designing Kitchens with SketchUp is Granados’ fifth book in the series. Her knowledge of the kitchen design industry coupled with her understanding of the SketchUp software model has led her to believe in the
natural progression of a partnership between designers, industry retailers and the Internet giants, 3D Warehouse and Amazon.

Sketchup for Interior Design

Adriana Granados
Architect and Interior Designer

Granados is passionate about the application of information and communication technologies in
the disciplines of architecture and interior design. She is the author of SketchUp for Interior Design & Space Planning, a permanent contributor for Sketchucation.com and a bi-lingual college-level software instructor. She is CEO of a company that provides design, drafting and rendering services worldwide.

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“Adriana Granados is an architect and interior designer who happens to know an awful lot about SketchUp. She’s written a series of mercifully short, to-the-point manuals that are available online. The books are printed in full color and I think they’re really helpful.”
Aidan Chopra, SketchUp Evangelist
“I design many kitchens. I work predominately with a custom and box kitchen shop that uses 20/20. When I am on their site I use one of their computers, however, I do not own the 20/20 software myself. I have looked into purchasing it but it is very expensive. It would be great if SketchUp hand many more cabinet manufactures’ catalogs. I know the custom cabinet shop I
work with would welcome an alternative to 20/20 in the future.”
Helen M. Richardson, MBA, PMP, IDS
“After completing all 4 books in this series, I now know my way around Sketchup well enough to complete presentation quality drawings. I don’t consider myself a Sketchup ‘master’ but know where to look, and how to solve problems in multiple ways fearlessly [love that “Undo” button!].
I’m a student of Interior Design and enjoy hand-drawing, but had to learn some sort of computer-aided drawing program in a hurry. Adriana’s four books are a MUST and I’m glad I found them. Her exercises are practical, and even if you’re not in the Interior Design field, you will know how
to use the SketchUp tools when you’re done. Whether you’re a pc or mac user, the visuals and written instructions are easy to follow. All 4 books were an excellent value for the skills gained!”
Review is from: SketchUp for Interior Design and Space Planning: Training Course 4.
How to communicate your ideas in a convincing way (Paperback)
Google Sketchup for Interior Design & Space Planning: A Powerful Serie for Mastering SketchUp. 
Sketchup for Interior Design Revisted: A Powerful Serie for Mastering SketchUp 2013. Course 3 & 4 Coming Soon